• Located in Eindhoven
  • 06-18285511
  • info@birdiebb.nl
  • Reachable by phone from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

The 5★ experience for your bird

Do you want to have peace of mind while you enjoy a short trip or a holiday? Here at Birdie in Eindhoven your feathered friend will feel right at home.

For the duration of your bird's stay, we will care for them with lots of love, care and attention.

The well being of your birds is our priority, therefor we ask all of our guests to give us a signed statement from the vet which states the birds have been tested on PBFD, PDD, POLYOMA and CHLAMYDIA.

When your pet requires medical attention, we will contact you to discuss your wishes. We work with Dier en Dokter veterinarian Bas ten Bruggen Cate.

Personal attention for your pet

Possibility to add daily fresh fruit and veggies to your pets diet

Being able to spend time out of the cage and fly around

Both cage and birdfeed can also be provided by us

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